Tuesday 29 October 2013

Kalwala and Butler first to be nominated for Brent Central

Tokyngton became the first ward to nominate for the Brent Central Labour Parliamentary candidate tonight. Outsider Cllr Zaffar van Kalwala who has worked on a gang strategy for the borough and has a following in Stonebridge is the male nominee. He is also currently active in the Harlesden Incinerator campaign. He beat heavyweight candidates such as Tony McNulty rhe former MP.

After the nomination Zaffar tweeted:
Delighted and honoured to be nominated by Tokyngton ward for Brent Central. Thank you to all my friends and family for their support
 The female nominee was Dawn Butler, the former MP for Brent South. She tweeted:
Thank you Tokyngton for an amazing nomination. I am honoured.
With 30 or so candidates the race is still fairly open but with only three female candidates Dawn Butler is likely to figure again in the lists. The 9 Brent Central wards out of the boroughs 21 wards will make nominations. See comment below for further details on the process.. 


Andrea said...

"There are 21 wards in the borough. "

Only the 9 wards within the Brent Central constituency will make nominations.

Affiliates' branches (mainly trade unions) will also make nominations. Ward branches' noms are usually more indicative on how things are on the ground though as their members are the selectorate in the end.

Candidates receiving nominations from wards covering more than half of the membership will be automatically shortlisted. Those with 0 nominations will be eliminated. The rest will be interviewed by the selection committee.

Martin Francis said...

Thanks.I've corrected my post. I don't think I want to be a bookie on this one.

Anonymous said...

So it's the expenses cheat vs the investment banker. Nice

Anonymous said...

What's Martin Bell up to these days......?

Anonymous said...

One of the Labour candidates in Kensal Green fancies himself as a Martin Bell