Tuesday 1 October 2013

Poetry for all, up and down the Preston Road, in and out of the library...

A message from Preston Community Library

If you have time please come, and encourage others to come, to Preston Community Library at 235 Preston Road,  this Thursday any time between 1 to 4 pm for what is probably a unique poetry event.   

It will take place not just at 235 Preston Road but at various shops and other premises  in  Preston Road.  

Geraldine had a brilliant  idea to bring poetry to the many people working in Preston  Road.  We have been gathering together not just poetry in English,  on this year's theme of water, but in  many Asian and European languages.  

We are taking  them to shops and other premises in Preston Road so they can be read first in the other language and then in English. There has been such an enthusiastic response.    Many have offered us poems in other languages.  Someone has even offered to write a poem for us.

We have nursery rhymes for the pre-school children as well as humorous poetry.  There really is something for everyone for all age groups and nationalities.  

Hope to see you there.

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