Friday 25 October 2013

Labour's Brent Central battle begins in earnest this weekend

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This weekend the Stonebridge Hub sees the first stage of Labour's selection of its candidate for Brent Central which aims to produce a shortlist which includes male, female and BME candidates. From his campaign blog photograph (above) it appears that Sundar Thava is armed with rather more than just arguments while Imran Ahmed may not have exactly chosen the people to win the Labour Party's rank and file's hearts and minds. He has published a 'Labour Doorstep' photograph on his blog showing him campaigning with James Powney and Lesley Jones.

So far males far outnumber females in the names I have been given but my list is not yet complete. Readers are invited to send in any additions or corrections. Dawn Butler, with only two other women in the race according to my information, is likely to make the shortlist.

Adeniran Abebaya*
Adel Abouharb*
Kingsley Abrams
Imran Ahmed
Femi Alese
Liaquat Ali
Sitarah Anjum*
Tony Breslin*
Mike Buckley
Dawn Butler
Bernard Collier*
Parmijit Dhanda
Dr Patrick French
Vikram Grewal*
Zaffar van Kalwala
Naheeratha Kano
Mike Katz
Sabina Khan
Khevyn Limbarajee*
Ramon Madharon*
Dan McCurry
Paukl McGeary*
Tony McNulty
James Mills*
Steve Mitchell*
Hanif Mohammad-Abbas *
Rodwan Mohammed*
Martin Morris*
Maddy Raman
Prem Sharma*
Inder Singh-Nijhar
Teidy Singh*
Dr Sundar Thava
Bobby Thomas
Patrick Vernon

* added by readers


Anonymous said...

You forgot Bernard Collier. How could you forget our Bernie, he's so memorable.

Martin Francis said...

I thought he'd taken my advice:

Anonymous said...

Sitarah Anjum

Anonymous said...

Does Freddie Flintoff know Sundar Thava's position on 'Free' schools?

Anonymous said...

Posing in a picture with Powney - a sure fire way to not get residents votes IF selected.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Freddie Flintoff I would like to request that the Sundar Thava photograph be removed unless and until he makes an unequivocal declaration of his position on 'Free' schools.