Tuesday 8 October 2013

Unite and LRC back anti-cuts candidate for Brent Central

Unite the Union yesterday endorsed Kingsley Abrams as their preferred Labour candidate for Brent Central. Brent Labour Representation Committee also endorsed him.

Unite member and Brent Labour Party and LRC activist Graham Durham said 
It will be a hard battle to get Kingsley endorsed as candidate. However with his  record of trade union activity and his role as a Lambeth Labour councillor opposed to cuts, Kingsley will strike a chord with Brent voters feeling the savage attacks of the Bedroom Tax, welfare cuts, privatisation of the NHS and Royal Mail. Many supporters and members will see Kingsley as the ideal candidate to replace the supporter of Tory cuts, Sarah Teather, as MP for Brent Central.
The Brixton councillor was suspended by the Lambeth  Labour Group in 2012  when he opposed cuts to youth services and job cuts. LINK

Contact Graham on 07866-616492 and Kingsley on 07932-447793

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