Friday 18 October 2013

Willesden Green: Fracking hell-not here! Demonstrate tomorrow

Brent Friends of the Earth (Brent FoE) says that fracking is a dirty word that local residents do not want, and they will be asking MPs, London Assembly members and the local Council to swear that they won’t allow it in Brent.
They will spelling out their message outside Willesden  Green Station tomorrow at 10.45am tomorrow (Saturday October 19th)

Later this year the Government is expected to open vast swathes of the country to fracking with a new round of licensing. This will bring the threat of fracking to thousands more people’s doorsteps. Brent, as the local planning authority, has the power to prevent this. Brent is one of many authorities on a list of potential sites under consideration for this controversial technology.

Ian Saville, Brent FoE spokesperson and Neasden resident, says, “fracking is a dirty technology that will damage our health, environment and climate. The resulting shale gas is a dirty fossil fuel that will add to the dangerous levels of greenhouse gases in the environment. It should be left in the ground.”

“Brent residents, along with other communities up and down the country, don't want a dash for gas. If fracking is the answer, then the question must be wrong! If London Mayor Boris Johnson gets his way, we could see fracking across London. We need to send him and Brent a clear message that we do not want or need fracking to keep the lights on, nor can we count on it to reduce fuel bills. Instead we need to invest in renewables and energy saving to heat our homes.”

Brent FoE will also be running a stall outside Willesden Green tube station on the day and will be speaking to local residents about the problems with fracking.

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