Sunday 13 October 2013

Obama, Cameron and HMRC take their hats off to our Dawn

I met a Brent Labour Party member on Saturday who was having to build an extension to house all the communications from candidates for the nomination for Brent Central parliamentary - OK, a bit of an exaggeration, but the contest is predicted to increase recycling rates in the borough significantly.

Several candidates have put up campaign blogs including ex-Brent South MP Dawn Butler. LINK

She is the only candidate to boast testimonials from Barack Obama, Gordon Brown, Rev Jesse Jackson, David Cameron, The Metro and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs amongst many others.  It is going to be hard for Tony McNulty to match that!

She states:
Taken as a whole, I believe nobody else matches my combination of: a Brent resident, an experienced MP for the area, my track record of local engagement, community contacts, working with local party members and a tireless campaigner both during and after elections.
Amongst the photos on the blog header (see above) is one for the Brent Fightback banner. It will be interesting to see of she shares Fightback's views on fighting Coalition AND local council cuts.

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Anonymous said...

Ms Butler seems to have undergone a remarkable transformation.

As an MP she voted strongly for ID cards and for restrictions on asylum, as well as against an investigation into the Iraq War. Yet now we find her calling for a general strike and for intervention to help migrants in the Mediterranean. Has she has a political personality transplant? Or is she just talking radical to get the Labour nomination, only to revert to betraying those she purports to represent once more?