Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Mayor's inaction on air pollution is killing people

Today’s research from King's College, London, has estimated London's air pollution caused the early deaths of almost 9,500 people in 2010 LINK and is proof that the Mayor's inaction is killing people, Green MEP Jean Lambert says.  In contrast, MEPs on the European Parliament's Environment Committee voted in favour of a fresh round of air quality standards today, with the committee voting this morning to back a new package of measures requiring member states to meet limits on six pollutants by 2030.

Current estimates already list air pollution as responsible for more premature deaths in the UK than obesity, alcoholism and road traffic accidents combined. 

Jean Lambert responded:
'More proof, if indeed it were needed, that we face a clear crisis. When will London's Mayor realise that his inaction is killing people?'


Anonymous said...

And Brent's inaction

Unknown said...

I see that Dave Wetzel is supporting Zac Golldsmith for London Mayor. It is a mystery to me why members of the Green Party would imagine that strengthening the hand of the Tory party would help the environment or anything else. I'm particularly disappointed that the "Can't pay, won't pay" man has taken to supporting the representatives of the seriously rich.

Martin Francis said...

Hi Claudia, can you give a reference/link for your claim. I cannot find anything. I certainly would never support Goldsmith.

Martin Francis said...

Claudia Hector has now posted this on Facebook:

Sorry, I was wrong about Dave Wetzel of the Green Party. I shall try to find out why I got notices with his name on but it definitely isn't because DW of the Greens supports Zac Goldsmith.

It appears that Dave Wetzel had posted support for a local Green Party candidate whose surname was also Goldsmith.