Sunday 4 July 2021

ALERT: Submissions to Wembley Park Station/Brook Avenue Planning Inquiry have to be in by Thursday July 8th - Read Philip Grant's submission


Submissions to the Planning Inquiry on the Wembley Park Station/Brook Avenue have a deadline of Thursday July 8th.

The referral to the Planning Inspectorate was made by Robert Jenrick MP, the Communites Secretary, after concern that the Planning Committee's approval decision was unsound as it was alleged to be in breach of Brent Council's own policies. LINK

Local historian Philip Grant has made a detailed submission that you can find below. Click bottom right for a full page view.

The closing date for comments, ahead of the Public Inquiry, is Thursday 8 July. Anyone who wishes to, but has not yet done so, can submit their comments to: , quoting the reference: APP/T5150/ V/21/3275339. 


Anonymous said...

I find it very strange that in the letter sent to residents it states 'that any comments that have been made by interested parties since its receipt by Brent Council in March 2020 will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate for consideration' but in a letter to Bob Blackman MP, the Planning Inspectorate has said 'The Planning Casework Unit cannot forward any correspondence that was submitted to them before this case was called in.' and that any comments must be sent to the inspector directly. Perhaps i'm mistaken but it seems to me as if residents are being mislead into thinking they don't need to send in their comments, thus significantly reducing the amount of objections.

Philip Grant said...

Dear Anonymous at 14:12,

In this instance, I don't think that there is any intention by Brent officers to mislead residents.

The Council will have to supply the Planning Inspectorate with all of the documents etc relating to this application, including the text of all objections received.

I think what the letter to Bob Blackman was saying was that any correspondence sent by him or others (about the Wembley Park Station car park application) BEFORE that application was called in by the Secretary of State, could not be considered.

That call-in came as a surprise to me, but it seems likely that it was the result of some lobbying by Bob Blackman MP, a former Tory Leader of Brent Council, presumably on behalf of current Conservatives in the Borough.