Sunday 25 July 2021

Brent needs a Food Justice strategy says newly formed campaign group


Campaigners at the Granville. South Kilburn

A local campaign launched at the Granville Garden and Community Kitchen on July 10th has
issued a petition calling on the Council Leader Muhammed Butt to declare Brent a Right to Food Borough with its own Food Justice strategy. The campaign aims to ensure all Brent residents have access to safe, affordable, nutritious and culturally-appropriatefood every day of the year across their whole lifetime.  

Sign the petition HERE

Representatives of food-related initiatives in Brent met to discuss with Dee Woods (co-founder of the Granville Kitchen), Fahim Dahya (Sufra NW London) and Ian Hodson (National president of the Bakers’
Union) the best way to address food insecurity in the Borough. 


Alex Colás, acting co-convenor of the Brent Right to Food campaign, said:

Food poverty is the result of structural injustices connected to health, housing, employment and wider social inequalities. It needs systemic solutions that empower communities with public resources, including land, retail space and procurement directed toward a more just and sustainable local food system.

 Anyone wishing to support the aims of the campaign can get in touch with the organisers at this email address: 

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