Sunday 11 July 2021

Residents' petition urges Brent Council to toughen up and implement Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Kilburn, Queens Park and beyond


With so much negative comment about Healthy Neighbourhoods (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) on social media some Brent residents have hit back with a petition in FAVOUR of them, calling on Brent Council to show determination in seeing the policy through.


The Petition reads:

We the undersigned demand that the Council take account of the views of residents and our families living in and near the Kilburn and Queens Park Healthy Neighbourhoods and beyond who support the proposed traffic filters, providing safer and cleaner streets.

We support Brent council policies to:

  • improve air quality
  • reduce traffic
  • increase active travel and provide safer space for cycling
  • improve physical and mental health
  • protect children and people of all ages from road danger
  • reduce noise and air pollution 
  • improve community relations.

We are all negatively impacted in  our local area  by the damaging effect of motor vehicles  freely cutting through the residential streets . We ask that Brent Council address this situation as a matter of urgency  listen to those who support  low traffic schemes .

We urge Brent Council to have the determination to follow through and stand by their own Healthy Neighbourhood schemes and expect our elected Councillors to take a progressive, forward thinking view of our environment and communities. 

If not addressed now while the resources are available and the Government supports it, the problems will only get worse as an ever -growing population in Brent own cars. 

Labour promises in 2020 were to make England one of the most cycling and walking friendly places in the world. Now we expect Brent Councillors to help make that happen so our lives and our children's lives aren't blighted by pollution, road rage and car dominance.

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