Friday 16 July 2021

Do you know Brent youngsters on Universal Credit who would like a job placement? Details of Kickstart Scheme here

 Press Release from Brent Council

Brent Council has launched a new youth work placement scheme, helping to provide a much needed boost to employment in the borough.


The Kickstart scheme is part of a £2 billion national programme developed to create employment opportunities for young people, improve their confidence, and prevent long gaps in employment.


Available to Brent residents aged 16-24 and in receipt of Universal Credit, the work placements run for six months, supporting young people to follow their aspirations, develop employability skills and eventually find work.*


More than 70 local businesses have signed up to create over 250 job placements across a diverse range of occupations. Opportunities on offer include a Graphic Designer placement at Excelsior Graphic Designer, a Trainee Hairdresser placement at Chop Chop in Wembley Park, and a Bar Runner placement at BOXPARK Wembley – to name just a few.


There are also 30 placements at Brent Council, paid the London Living Wage, where young people will have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from the council teams.


Cllr Thomas Stephens, Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills said: 

The Kickstart placement scheme has come at a time when it is most needed, following a year of high employment, furloughs and job uncertainty, all brought on by the pandemic. 


As we come out of the final lockdown restrictions, the council is renewing its focus in supporting our young people and increasing community employment. Through the Kickstart scheme, young people in Brent can pursue their career aspirations and develop employable skills.


On Thursday 22 July from 10.30am to 12.00pm, Brent Works will host an online information session about Kickstart and the opportunities on offer. It is open to everyone, including young people, to find out more information and ask questions. To attend, register by email at


If you work with or know young people, living in Brent, who would like to discover more employment opportunities, please direct them to the Brent Works opportunities page.




I askd Brent Council for further information on whether the 70 local businesses were paying the young people taking up job placements. This was the response:

The jobs are paid National Minimum Wage. The council jobs and some employers pay London Living Wage and top up to 35 hours per week. Depending on the individual’s circumstances they may get a top-up from Universal Credit, e.g. for housing.

So worth checking the details if you apply.  The National Minium Wage for 18-20 year olds is £6.56 per hour. The London Living Wage for over 18s is £10.85 per hour.

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