Tuesday 6 July 2021

Fryent Way closed 2pm-Midnight Today, Wednesday and Sunday due to increased number of fans at Wembley matches

Fryent Way back in  2011 when it was closed for the  Championship League match between Barcelona and Manchester United

 Statement from Brent Council

Due to the increase in the number of fans attending the EURO 2020 Semi-Final and Final at Wembley Stadium, Fryent Way will be closed and used for parking on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday this week.

This is to allow for more fan parking in designated zones and has been planned to help minimise disruption to residents. The closure will go into effect at 2pm with vehicles diverted via Kingsbury Road and Church Lane, and will be lifted at midnight. The road will have a central lane open for emergency vehicles only.

We would still encourage Ticketholders to travel by public transport or coach. Wembley Stadium will not provide parking for private vehicles during the event, except accessible parking.  Nearby street parking is reserved for local residents and businesses. 

Event Day parking restrictions will be active from 8am to midnight on main roads and from 10am to midnight on residential roads. If you have a paper Event Day permit, please make sure it is clearly displayed in the vehicle. Electronic permit holders do not need to display a permit.
2011 (Photos: Philip Grant)


Jaine Lunn said...

What madness is this? Would love to know who dreamt this one up!
Is it just for the Euro's or will we see this happen regularly when the Stadium gets back to full capacity of 90,000?
It will be a nice trek to the stadium in the pouring rain lol.

Martin Francis said...

The Barcelone fans were pretty bemused back in 2011 to land in what appeared to be the countryside rather than Wembley.

Anonymous said...

Minimise disruption for residents!!!! Who do you think your kidding Brent Council! Wembley NO PARK.

Philip Grant said...

I understood the arrangements in 2011, when Fryent Way was used as a coach park.

Thousands of Barcelona fans were coming to Wembley in organised groups, with some coaches driving from Spain, but most being British coaches hired to meet charter flights to Gatwick and East Midlands airports.

What is the plan this time? Little advance warning to local residents and drivers who use Fryent Way for their daily journeys.

Will coaches parking here be bringing groups from amber list countries in Europe, arriving without quarantine, and drop them off in the Country Park?

Will these fans then wander freely through Wembley or Kingsbury, buying food and drink in Asda or Aldi, or at various takeaways?

Will they pass on Covid-19 infection to local residents, or catch it from them?

There are lots of unanswered questions, but the biggest one is WHY?

Martin Francis said...

There are stewards stationed at junctions along the route to direct the fans from Fryent Way to the stadium via The Paddocks, Forty Avenue and Bridge Road so yes it takes them to Asda and Bridge Road pubs and shops.

Anonymous said...

What a crock of shit. The people designated as council members appear to be on a power trip, with no regard to the people they’re actually supposed to be serving. Not a peep from them about this in advance, and I live a few minutes down the road.

Anonymous said...

And what about ambulances seeing as Wembley Ambulance Station was closed with vehicles now despatched from Kenton Ambulance Station which is the other side of Fryent Way? It says a lane will be kept open for emergenvy access but will these get held up in all this extra traffic?

Anonymous said...

Haven't they just built a massive coach and car park opposite Costco near the stadium?

Philip Grant said...

Yes, anonymous at 10:12, Quintain's huge multi-storey Pink coach and car park for Wembley Stadium opened a couple of years ago.

Perhaps Brent Council and the other brains behind parking in Fryent Way were following government Covid guidelines - "Leave your vehicles in the fresh air of our Country Park"!

Philip Grant said...

Dear Anonymous (6 July at 18:35),

Although I am sometimes critical of elected members of our Council, I suspect that most, if not all, of them were as unaware of the plans to close Fryent Way as you, me and other local residents.

This plan will have been the work of Council Officers, possibly at the request of Wembley Stadium and/or the police.