Monday 19 July 2021

Council to extend consultations on Kilburn Square development over the summer

Cllr Southwood speaking on the development proposals for Watling Gardens, Windmill Court and Kilburn Square at this morning's Cabinet said that she was aware of Kilburn Square residents' concerns.  Some of these would be dealt with at the Planning Committee stage but she recognised that Covid restrictions had meant that the Council had not been able to engage with residents as much as they would lik,e so consultation would be extended over the summer. She emphasised that no final decisions would be made and she would come back to Cabinet when team had heard from 'more people, in greater depth.' She said that the main point of the agenda items was to put the necessary legal requirements in place.

 She said that they were working to improve the stability of the Tenant Management Organisation and finding ways to working towards a constructive environment in which the inevitable concerns could be addressed.

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Philip Grant said...

Some of the residents' concerns 'would be dealt with at the Planning Committee stage'?

That is not consultation. Those concerns need to be dealt with before any planning application is made, and the plans changed to make them acceptable to the Kilburn community.

Dealing with them at Planning Committee stage would mean Council officers "bulldozing" their own plans through, with a recommendation for approval, on the basis that officers consider them to be "acceptable" (even if they don't merit that description).