Thursday 22 July 2021

TOMORROW: BOOK LAUNCH: Selma James’ new anthology Our Time Is Now: Sex, Race, Class, & Caring for People and Planet - OffSide Books, Willesden Lane 6.30pm


Kilburn is packed with hidden treasures, one of them is Selma James, a local writer, well-known anti-racist campaigner and feminist icon, recently honoured with the Sheila McKechnie Long-term Achievement Award 


On Friday 23 July OffSide Books, a cozy community space in NW6 hosts a book launch to celebrate Ms James’ new anthology, Our Time Is Now: Sex, Race, Class, & Caring for People and Planet. 


Selma James defined and identified unwaged caring work as a core issue for the women’s movement and launched the Wages for Housework Campaign (WFH) in 1972.

This much-anticipated follow-up to her first anthology (Sex, Race, and Class – The Perspective of Winning), compiles decades of James’s work with a focus on more recent writings, including a ground-breaking analysis of CLR James’s masterpieces, The Black Jacobins and Beyond a Boundary, and an account of her formative partnership with him. Her experience in the movement for Caribbean federation and independence is reflected in her introduction to Ujamaa, the socialism that Tanzanian villagers built and in her work with Guyana, Haiti and Venezuela. 

Selma James turns 91 this year, her work spans 60 years, including founding the Crossroads Women’s Centre in Kentish Town. Her writing shines, inspires and sheds light on every corner of the movement for justice and change.  

At OffSide Books, Selma will be discussing her work with a Q&A, and signing her new book. All welcome!

Our Time Is Now: Sex, Race, Class, & Caring for People and Planet is available HERE.

Sex, Race, and Class – The Perspective of Winning is available HERE.

WHERE: OffSide Books, 92 Willesden Lane, Kilburn NW6 7TQ

WHEN: Friday 23 July 2021, 6.30-8 pm

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