Monday 12 July 2021

Chair of Scrutiny calls on Brent Council & Wembley Stadium staff to appear at tomorrow's meeting to address 'serious security and safety concerns' after yesterday's incidents

Following yesterday's breach of security at the England-Italy match at Wembley Stadium, Cllr Roxanne Mashari, Chair of Brent Council Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committe,  has requested relevant staff to appear at tomorrow's public Scrutiny Meeting.

In a tweet Cllr Mashari said  that she wanted Brent Council and Wembley Stadium staff to answer questions regarding serious security and safety concerns at the stadium.

Guardian's account HERE


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TEMPLAR said...

About time every event day is a shambles,mostly due to bad stewards and absolute morons outside trying to direct traffic,brent and the stadium have no idea how to run a safe event or any event