Friday 16 July 2021

Section 35 Dispersal Order authorised for Ace Cafe and nearby areas until 14.59 on Sunday

 The Brent Independent Advisory Group  Brent IAG) has issued the following information:

Section 35 DISPERSAL has been authorised by Insp O'Connor from 15:00 16/07/21 to 14:59 on 18/07/21 CAD 4275/15July refers. 

The areas covered are ACE Cafe and surrounding areas Harlesden, tube Station, Craven Park, Hillside, North and East of Northfields Estate due to expected Anti Social Behaviour over the next two days. Dedicated officers have been resourced to be in attendance for both nights. Thank you for your continued support by passing on this information and for helping to keep our communities safe.

Background Information on Section 35 Dispersal Orders HERE

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