Thursday 8 August 2013

Boris Johnson gives Barnet Council the go-ahead for destruction of Welsh Harp

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has ignored the concerns of local residents regarding Barnet Council’s West Hendon Planning Application, despite strong objections. The development launched by Barrett Homes is set to build 2000 new dwelling units, including four large tower blocks next door to Welsh Harp, one of London’s biggest and most significant nature reserves. Residents and campaigners are concerned that this development will destroy permanently the natural landscape which contains a wildfowl reserve and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

A cross party joint letter from Brent and Barnet campaigners was issued to the Mayor detailing their concerns regarding the planning application asking him to reject the application. 

The Mayor has decided that he is content to let Barnet Council decide the application, subject to any action the Secretary of State may take,  and does not want to exercise his right to refuse the application or take over as the planning authority.

Local London Assembly Navin Shah AM said:

‘’This is an outrageous decision by the Mayor of London which will obliterate the beautiful landscape, tranquility and ecological values of a site which should be protected for its special scientific interest. The Mayor has ignored the policies of his own London Plan and given Barnet Council the green light to vandalise this site of  great value.

‘’340 people have written to the Mayor asking him to refuse this application. Furthermore, there has also been a submission of two petitions that have been signed by 987 people. It is disgraceful that the Mayor has yet again refused to listen to local communities in Brent and Barnet. People will never forgive him for signing off the destruction of this site’’.  

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trevor said...

it is to be expected
after all this man is part of the organization that permits the sale of cigarettes which the public buy which in turn gradually destroys their health and they end up dying of Lung and Throat cancer to the Shocking Tune of 100,000 every single year!
and has a single government banned the sale of cigarettes?
The previous government that told us 'things could only get better' decided to ban smoking in public places and has it stopped people abusing themselves with cigarettes?
according to a Journalist ' The ban on smoking in public has failed to increase the number of people quitting, a report revealed yesterday.

The proportion of men who smoke has actually risen since the ban in July last year while there was no change at all among women.

When she introduced the ban, the then health secretary Patricia Hewitt said: 'This is an enormous step forward for public health. It is going to make it easier for people who want to give up smoking to do so. Over time it will save thousands of lives.'

The figures, coming after years of declining smoking rates, are a massive blow to Labour's public heath policy.
now should we be surprised to know that the much hyped up smoking in public places ban has had Little or no effect on hardened smokers?
I think it is because the policy was half hearted in that the governments of This country have long relied upon the public abusing themselves with cigarettes in order to rake in billions in tax revenue and they know that banning the sale of cigarettes outright would mean a serious Loss to them in financial Terms.
and so they carry on the tradition of putting profit before principle which is Why I say we should not be surprised to know that boris Johnson has carried on that Tradition, Because his colleagues expect him to do just that and if he was to dare break that tradition they would an outcry so loud I think it's safe to say he would be viewed as a traitor by his colleagues.
politicians that don't even blink an eye when 100,000 people are dying from Smoking related diseases in this country every year, certainly won't see anything wrong in allowing the welsh Harp to be sold to developers Who do everything for profit.