Thursday 15 August 2013

Still time to comment on Wembley French International School plans for the Town Hall

School plan with Annex
Plans for the Wembley French International School which will occupy the redundant Brent Town Hall have largely met with approval from heritage organisations as they preserve many of the features of the Grade 2 listed building.

The prefabricated buildings and garages  at the back of the Town Hall will be demolished along with the print room, a former mortuary which was added to the original building. A new L-shaped annex to the north east (dark orange on plan) will be constructed with a canopied link to the main building and entered via The Paddocks.

Changes of use include the Mayor's Parlour becoming the headteacher's office, the Paul Daisley Hall a gymnasium, the Council Chamber a lecture theatre, the stage a drama studio and the committee rooms a study and exam space. Th retractable walls and parquet flooring of the committee rooms will be retained.

Two MUGAs (Multi-use Games Areas) are planned for the area north of the building but what is likely to be controversial is a running track in front of the Town Hall. Also controversial the plans will  require the removal of some trees. Some of the trees at the front of the Town Hall  have been planted as memorials and have plaques attached, It is not clear whether these will be retained or transferred to another site.

The small primary school (one form entry) will be in the East Wing and will largely be segregated from the secondary school sharing only the dining room, sports hall, studio and adminstration.

The secondary school of 900 pupils (11-18) will be in the West Wing.

The current Town Hall Library will be retained as the school library and it is proposed that it could be used by neighbouring schools. It will retain its Kings Drive entrance.

The existing bar will be demolished to expose the walls but the glazed roofing pavilion will be retained after a plea from English Heritage. The refreshment room will become a cafeteria.

It is envisaged that Institut Francais will provide after hours language classes for local schools and adult learners at the school.

The school will be fee paying and run by a board of trustees.It will follow the French curriculum and pupils will be taught in French and English.

The hours will be from 7.30am until 6.30pm with sports activities restricted to 8.30am until 6.30pm. A breakfast club will run from 7.30am.

Car parking will b reduced from the current 107 spaces to 46 with 78 cycle places.

The Planning Application can be found HERE It will not be decided before August 22nd, 2013

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