Wednesday 28 August 2013

Lucas amendment on Syria says case for military action not established

Ahead of tomorrow's parliamentary debate on Syria, Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, has tabled the following amendment to the Government's motion:

"[That this House] deplores the chemical weapons attacks and appalling loss of life in Syria; notes that the reports of weapons inspectors in Syria are yet to be published, and that there is no UN authorisation for military action; regrets that the Attorney General's advice on the legality of military action has not been made available to honorable members; calls for refugees from the Syrian conflict to be fully assisted and supported; and believes that the case for military action against Syria has not been established.

Caroline Lucas
Paul Flynn
Jeremy Corbyn
Elfyn Llwyd
Jonathan Edwards
Hywel Williams"

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Trevor said...

This Haven of Torment Which I live in in wembley Deplores What the Same government currently Condemning The Syrian Government for using chemical weapons against its own people have permitted The Cigarette Business to do against its own people.
and it has done this all for the sake of Profit and the harm and loss of Lives is equal to the harm and loss of lives done to the syrian public.
We are meant to be a Christian nation and Yet we have permitted unchristian things to be done for the sake of profit for countless years
and not one MP has stood up and condemned it in the way they are condemning the Syrian government at present.
OK the british people chose to abuse themselves with cigarettes and bring upon themselves Throat and Lung cancer etc
but the syrian public did not choose or ask for their Lives to be put at risk and ruined by means of chemical weapons.
But it was done to them regardless.
and by doing so the assad regime showed a gross Lack of respect for The Lives of his Fellow syrians.
It is reasonable to Say that the British Government have knowingly and wickedly exposed its own people to harm by means of Cigarettes and Like the Assad regime it shows itself to be Extremely hardened and Corrupt Let alone wicked and Heartless.
and Yet that same political System has the nerve to stand up and condemn another When it is guilty itself of Gross corruption?
I hope so much That I will Live to see the Day the British Regime is called to account for all The Wrongs it has done in the name of democracy.
and the way it has misused its authority permitting businesses to Do Wrong When it sees the potential to rake in billions in tax revenue.