Friday 9 August 2013

Bid for a 'University' of Wembley Stadium

The UCFB College of Football Business which works in partnership with  Buckinghamshire New University has submitted a planning application to run university degree and short management courses at Wembley Stadium.

The UCFB currently runs courses at Burnley FC. They are applying to be on site by April 2014 with courses starting in September 2014. The courses will run in existing areas of the stadium which are unused on non-event days with some dual-use rooms. UCFB use would be subordinate to the main Wembley Stadium  function.

They envisage 325 students in Year 1, 1,000 in Year 2, 1,600 in Year 3 and 2,000 in Year 4 with a limit of 3,000, but state that there 'may be an opportunity for an increase in numbers by application to vary the conditions'.

UCFB's agents argue that the business would contribute to all-round year use of the stadium and nearby facilities as envisaged by Brent Council and would employ about 40 full-time and part-time staff.

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