Wednesday 14 August 2013

Decision on Harlesden Incinerator deferred

Outside Ealing Town Hall this evening
The Ealing Planning Committee tonight deferred a decision on the proposd Harlesden Incinerator after councillors expressed concern that they did not have full enough information to make a decision. This was particularly the case with the Council's expert on  some of the chemistry involved in emissions and air quality being on leave.

Councillors were particularly concerned that the Regulatory Officers from Ealing, Brent and Hammrsmith and Fulham had all expressed, to different degrees, opposition to the plans.

Planning Officers had argued that because the plans would be reviewed by both the London Mayor and the Secretary of State that they did not sufficient grounds to recommend rejection although they recognised that it was a contentious application which raised serious health and safety issues.

Councillors gave short shrift to officers' argument that the impact of the existing Power Day facility close to the site could not be taken into consideration, and questioned why the site had been chosen when the survey carried out by the West London Waste Authority for suitable waste processing sites had failed to shortlist the Harlesden/Willesden site because there were 'ample' more suitable alternatives available.

It became very clear that councillors were determined to get cast iron guarantees on the facility's safety and pollution caused by lorry movements and were not satisfied with the reassurances they had received.

The decision will now go to a further committee meeting by which time further and better information should be available which both sides will be able to deploy.

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