Monday 5 August 2013

Brent Council uses Brent Cyclists' ideas for Wembley 'mini-Holland' bid

 Brent Council made the following announcement today:

Brent Council is aiming to revolutionise cycling for residents by bidding for a share of £100 million funding from Transport for London (TfL) to create a 'mini-Holland' in Brent.

The first-stage bid titled Ways to Wembley sets out how the centre of the borough could be transformed into a 'mini-Holland' by overcoming physical barriers to cycling such as major roads and rail hubs as well as encouraging more communities to cycle and creating better cycling infrastructure.

TfL recently invited outer London boroughs to submit applications for their share of funding worth £100 million to create a 'mini-Holland' - so-called because it will create an area which is as bike friendly as any town in Holland. Ways to Wembley sets out ideas for a 'mini-Holland' linking the Wembley regeneration area and popular Wembley Stadium and Arena destinations to other parts of borough including areas of major regeneration such as Willesden and South Kilburn.

It also includes ideas for a cycle hub in Wembley, providing cyclists with cycle parking, facilities, cycling retailers and a travel information centre in together one location. The scheme would also help to link Brent to other areas across the rest of London via existing cycle routes.

Brent Council has worked in partnership with Brent Cyclists on the Ways to Wembley bid and incorporated many of the group's ideas.

Brent Council Leader and Cycling Champion Muhammed Butt said:

"I'm a huge supporter of cycling so I'm 100% committed to Brent winning this major funding opportunity. As Brent's Cycling Champion I've led initiatives to encourage and promote cycling, and to raise awareness of our fantastic bid I've attended meetings with the Mayor's Cycling Champion, Andrew Gilligan and TfL, and listened closely to the ideas of the local Brent Cyclists group.

"I recognise that at the moment there are too many physical barriers which make cycling in our borough difficult. That's why we've put forward some imaginative ideas about how we can ensure that road, rail and Tube links don't sever cycle routes. They also address how we can encourage people from every community to take up cycling so it genuinely becomes an activity for all.

"This is an excellent time to invest in cycling infrastructure in Brent with the ongoing regeneration of many parts of the borough and I hope we can realise the full potential of our bid."

Ways to Wembley, which is the first stage of Brent Council's bid for a mini-Holland, sets a target to increase cycling to 4.3 per cent of all journeys in Brent by 2026.

The first-stage shortlisting by TfL is expected to be announced in August and the chosen projects in September.

To see the full Ways to Wembley document, visit

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trevor said...

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