Friday 23 August 2013

Brent Council decisions made this week

Brent Council Executive among other decisions on Monday approved Muhammed Butt's statement on 'Shaping a Healthier Future' and this now represents the Council's stance. The application for an ECO grant to reduce energy use and bills was approved as were changes in SEN provision and procurement for public health contracts.

The Planning Committee approved the Electric House, Willesden Green, application subject to conditions and the 575 North End Road, Wembly private student housing development was approved but will be referred to the Mayor of London.


Trevor said...

How is it possible to 'shape a Healthier Future' when the area we Live in is comparable to a haven of exploitation and greed?
I would be Most willing to take Mr Butt for a Walk along Chalk hill road for Example and show him the countless Cigarette butts that are left all over the pavements and roads and even in the new exercise park which more and more resembles the pavements on Chalk hill road in terms of cigarette butts and litter.
Then I would take him to a certain supermarket which is a regular supplier of the things that cause lung and Throat cancer
and cause the pavements in wembley to resemble a new style ashtray.
and then I would show him the countless fast food shops that sell endless high calorie salt laden so called food
which certainly do not contribute anything to do with health.
and also because of these fast food shops this is why more and more the pavements and bushes and roads etc etc are laden with wrappers and boxes that come from these fast food shops.
Mr Butt your words are empty in my opinion and are about as Trustworthy as the promises and visions of New Labour back in 1997.
Enough Time has passed to prove that Health in the Hands of Politicians is Health Utterly Ruined.
also you Talk as if you have seen the light but you don't fool me mate.
no way.
if I wouldn't accept a fake £10 knowing that it won't be accepted anywhere
then why would or should I accept the empty and insincere words of a Politician?
your colleagues have had more than enough time to show what they are all about and that is exactly what they have done.
and so rather than building a healthy nation They have built and spoilt our Nation all because they put profit before principle.
Yes Mr Butt I am part of the generation that grew up being influenced by wicked greed motivated marketing that persuaded me to abuse myself with tobacco and take my health for granted.
OK that wicked marketing may have stopped but the exploitation continues and I still live in the same country That exploits its own for profit.
the nations health in the hands of Politicians is Like putting a piece of paper into a blazing fire and expecting the paper not to be reduced to ashes.
the nation is the paper and the fire is the politicians and the system, yes it them that hurt and destroy the nation
reducing us to ashes.
and it does this despite Britain supposedly being a Christian nation.
I want people to know that the nation we live in is not Christian.
no way!!!!!!!!!
a True Christian nation Truly influenced by Christ Jesus does not do things that hurt their fellow citizens.
that is one of the hall marks and the beauty of Christianity in that it changes people for the better but only when the people take it seriously and are willing to make the changes that help to create a peaceful yet imperfect world.

Trevor said...

again I question the sincerity of Mr Butt's words about shaping a healthier future
when the fact is Britain is such a Corrupt Country that thrives on Corrupting people so that it can make bags of money from the public senselessly bring them selves to ruin by means of smoking alone.
Yes Mr Butt The Government of Britain put profit before principle and that is why death from smoking is one of the major causes of preventable death in this country.
and now that the government(s) of this country are so corrupt and hardened
there is no way that they would consider banning the sale of cigarettes in order to prevent needless deaths from cancer
because they have got so used to the idea that the public should ruin their health for the sake of the economy.
and plus when you consider the billions it rakes in each year
there is no way it would consider giving that up.
but they fall over themselves cutting benefits and doing their absolute best to make benefit claimants feel bad about themselves.
but really who are the ones that should hang their heads in shame?
the government raking in billions from the sale of tobacco that causes countless people to die each year
as well as adding billions to the NHS budget caring for people with health problems caused from smoking
or people claiming benefit while they currently remain unemployed?
I say it should be the government.
because they are so corrupt it defies belief.