Friday 30 August 2013

Syria demonstration to go ahead on Saturday

Statement by Stop the War:

The Stop the War Coalition welcomes the defeat of David Cameron’s plan to attack Syria in parliament last night. We didn’t stop the war in Iraq, but we did create a mass anti war opinion in Britain. 
That tide of anti war opinion has made itself felt in the past few days. MPs have in their majority refused to back a fourth intervention by western powers since 2001. They have for once reflected the majority public opinion in this country.

We now have to reject all attempts at intervention in Syria and to develop a foreign policy which is based on equality and justice, and the rights of national sovereignty.

The Tory led government will try to recoup the situation. We will demonstrate on Saturday against this intervention, whether by the US alone or with Britain involved. It is the aim of the anti-war movement to ensure that the US is forced to abandon the attack on Syria now that the country with which it is supposed to enjoy a ‘special relationship’ has carried a parliamentary vote against war.

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