Saturday 17 August 2013

Feeling the power at Balcombe

I spent a stimulating afternoon down at Balcombe today where the anti-fracking protest camp has been reinforced, a mile or so further down the road by the Reclaim the Power camp. It was noteworthy how many young people were present as well as many families.

Reclaim the Power state:
It's clear that if w want to change the way we power our lives, we need to change who has power over our lives. The two are so closely connected.

Reclaim the Power is about building the links between people and campaigns that can work together to stop the dash for gas and create a sustainable safe future where our common needs of not just energy but also health services, education, food, transport and freedom  of movement belongs to us and ar accountable to us and not profit and corporate greed,

Another power is possible, and we can all be part of creating it.
Certainly the positive and friendly atmosphere in both camps, and the willingness to engage in comradely discussion, made me think another power is possible.

Reclaim the Power camp plan

Workshop discussion
Impromptu concert
Workshop tent
Straw bale urinals
Portable solar panels
The 'Kids' Space'
Sign at the roadside protest camp

Roadside agitprop
A friendly welcome awaits locals at the Green Party tent
Police guard the entrance to the drilling site

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