Saturday 3 August 2013

Pub Quiz fundraiser for Brent Housing Action on Monday

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trevor said...

the wicked hypocrites driving this country Talk about capping rents but if a person comes and falls into the smoking trap and smokes themselves to death you don't hear a word from the government!
to me that speaks volumes about the way this system is run.
its all about profit and exploitation and the politicians are having a great time doing what they do.
they couldn't care less if people end up homeless
I mean if they will allow people to exploit the public with cigarettes and gambling for example which lead to physical ruin and financial ruin while they rake in billions in tax revenue every year
again that speaks volumes about what they are all about.
this is why I feel so sorry for people.
this is also why I keep saying that I no longer believe in politics
because all it does it hurt people like smoking and gambling does.
also if people knew the reality of what is happening behind the scenes they would be even more disillusioned than they are now.
when you smoke you hurt yourself which does not make any sense at all.
why should you pay for something that hurts and ruins your health?
I'm old enough to remember when the wicked hypocrites considered it acceptable to permit cigarettes to be openly advertised and they permitted this despite knowing the harm it was causing.
again that screams heartlessness greed corruption and wickedness
with regards to the governments of this country.
we have been abused and let down so much by the people that are meant to be caring for us.
the coalition for example turn against foreigners telling them to get out
but what the government is doing and have done up to now is worse!
two wrongs don't make a right but even if foreigners are here illegally at least they ain't causing 100,000 preventable deaths from lung and throat cancer every year!
a good government would never allow such a thing to happen!
they would never consent to public exploitation and then take a huge chunk of the profits made every year.
shame on the british government!!!
they walk around in expensive suits and address each other as honorable but all they are doing is deluding themselves.
honor belongs to people that are upright and do good and consider the feelings of their fellow humans.
what government is this country does that?