Tuesday 6 August 2013

Racist van? Tweet for Liberty

Liberty have launched their own anti-racist van as a riposte to the Home Office 'Go Home' campaign. It will be driving around Westminster today. Liberty asks anyone who spots the van to Tweet a picture to them at @libertyhq

Their article on the Go Home campaign can be read HERE

UPDATE Tuesday PM Earlier today the anti-racist van was in Brent  parked outside Kensal Green Station which UK Border officers raided last week leaflets were given out to passengers and passersby.


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Trevor said...

The home office Telling foreigners to go home?
What an Insult!
when you consider one of the definitions of The Home Office is 'the national department responsible for the maintenance of law and order,
do they Live up to their Responsibilities?
for example a well known newspaper said that FOREIGNERS from “ high risk ” countries will have to pay a £3,000 fee to enter Britain under a tough new crackdown on immigration abuse.
yet at the same Time The government permit an abuse that cause About 100,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking.
and what is even more sickening is that they collect tax revenue from the sale of Cigarettes which causes the 100,000 preventable deaths each year!
isn't the hypocrisy Clear To see?
basically the government allow abuse which they profit from
but then when people come from other countries and attempt to get into this country by deception they frown upon that and take tough measures to stop it.
while they allow the abuse that they collect tax revenue from to continue.
I shake my head.