Wednesday 7 August 2013

Natalie Bennett speaks out on current issues

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trevor said...

its Too Little Too Late I think.
Its Too Late in the day to start Your ' we are different' routine.
The public I think it is safe to say are fed up of you politicians.
what ever you say I don't think it will have the desired effect because the public have heard it all before.
for example So called 'new Labour' did a similar thing in 1996 with their
'new "third way" centre-left approach to policy, and even though it helped them win the 1997 general election, They failed Immensely to live up to their Promises.
Tony Blair Himself admitted that his government was partly responsible for Britain's economic strife.
and yet this was the man that lead the party that came in claiming that things could only get better!
surely you will be able to understand why many people including myself no longer Trust politicians?
the person that coined the phrase 'talk is cheap' was unquestionably right.
and the man that wrote that man has dominated man to his injury was even more right!
the evidence can be seen by the 100,000 people that die needlessly from smoking.
Then you have the endless deaths caused by fighting in wars etc etc.
without doubt man has proved himself to be his own worst enemy
and humans are endowed with a conscience and yet again and again we behave as if we have none at all.
lastly if corrupt religious leaders are the main reason for a distrust of religion, then surely corrupt politicians is the reason why many people turn away from politics and for good reason.
enough Time has passed in order for politicians to prove themselves and they have done just that, but rather than the public flocking to them in their droves,
They are turning away in their droves and who could blame them?