Friday 16 August 2013

What future for the Brent Town Hall memorial plaques?

Memorial garden outside Brent Town Hall
Brent Council is due to come back to me regarding the future of the memorial trees and plaques in the garden area outside the Town Hall now that it is to be refurbished as the Wembley French International School (see below).

The Council's attitude towards heritage and posterity has been under scrutiny in the light of the fate of  Dollis Hill House,the Old Willesden Library, the Palace of Industry and Oxgate Farm.

These plaques have been neglected and are in poor shape but nonetheless represent Brent Council's concerns with our wider history and as such merit some consideration.


Kevin said...

I will get back to this on Monday- I have already spoken to the Civic Centre team about moving these- at least the plaques and did not have time to pursue because of the move to the new centre. I will do my very best to get these plaques incorporated into the Civic centre because I appreciate your point.

Kevin said...

I have taken another look at this call and can assure you that all of these plaques will replicated and will be included in a memorial area within the Civic Centre gardens.

memorial plaques said...

I Do hope this matter gets resolved, at least people are looking into it now which is the main thing.