Friday 9 August 2013

Supporting Immigrants in London-Public Meetings

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Trevor said...

I admit to being confused,
because I cannot understand how it is possible to enter Britain illegally without being stopped by those whose duty it is to make sure people do not try to enter britain without permission from the authorities?
and if it is True that Many are here illegally Then that surely suggests that the home office is failing to do it's job properly doesn't it?
and do they truly believe that the way to deal with this problem is to start up this " go home campaign"?
for example many people know that it is illegal to sell and use controlled drugs, but do they Take any notice?
of course not!
for many people dealing drugs is their means of Living and therefore to give it up would mean they lose their source of income.
and for many people that buy drugs they do so as a form of medication.
for example those that suffer from anxiety use cannabis to calm them down and they find it helps them face up to things they would otherwise feel unable to face.
Nevertheless Smoking cannabis is not the answer and in fact it causes more problems.
and often people that use drugs wish that the government and police would Try to see things from their point of view
in that they are stressed and that is why they "break the law" and buy and use controlled drugs.
but of course the government won't decide to permit the sale and use of controlled drugs no matter what the public say.
so basically the drug laws in this country does not work.
likewise the Laws governing who can come to live in britain does not work,
and if people have a reason for buying and using drugs from day to day, then people that come to britain illegally also have a reason although of course Two wrongs do not make a right.
but overall this just shows with more clarity how messed up this country is.