Saturday 10 August 2013

Community mobilises for clean air and no incinerator

Mark Walker of TITRA speaks to the Planning Committee. He is interrupted by the noise of a lorry accessing the proposed site. There will be many lorries  if the proposal is approved.

Local residents came out in force this morning to greet Ealing councillors who were making a site visit to the proposed Harlesden Incinerator development. Representives of TITRA (The Island Triangle Residents Assocation) spoke to the councillors and will be addressing the Planning Committee at Ealing Town Hall on Wednesday August 14th as will Cllr Zaffar Van Kalwala who represents the Stonebridge ward which is close to the site.

There will be a demonstration outside the Ealing Town Hall on Wednesday from 6.15pm.

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Trevor said...

I think it is good That the Local community recognizes The Damage incinerator's can do.
Even the European Union recognize It and is why it came out with the following in 1999..."The Directive's overall aim is "to prevent or reduce as far as possible negative effects on the environment, in particular the pollution of surface water, groundwater, soil and air, and on the global environment, including the greenhouse effect, as well as any resulting risk to human health, from the landfilling of waste, during the whole life-cycle of the landfill"
Now that directive obviously considers the fears and concerns of the Community but Yet we Live in a country in which the government is openly anti EU and anyone that dares to show signs of support for EU directives are Mocked and considered as so called " fruitcakes and Loonies"
and Yet the EU Have come up with directives such as the above which if implemented would reduce Fears and concerns in the Local community,
But The British Government and politicians in general are against the EU Even though it has the Interests of the local community at heart.
This is Why I believe that there will never be peace in this country, because the governments of Britain want to go it alone and yet time has shown that that does not work, and They need to recognize that
They are Leading This country To ruin by insisting on this we are better off alone and they can make it work.
Well they have had decades to prove it and they have consistently failed.
They don't want to implement directives That calm fears and reduce stress
and you can be sure they won't be swayed by the cries from the Local community.