Tuesday 20 August 2013

Barry Gardiner faces Wembley protest over Modi invitation

Guest blog from South Asia Solidarity Group

Stop mass murderer Narendra Modi from visiting the UK!
Barry Gardiner: Withdraw your invitation to the 'butcher of Gujarat'! 
Protest:­­­  Monday 9 September 2013, 11:30 AM - 1 PM, at Barry Gardiner’s MP’s surgery, Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, Wembley HA9 0FJ
Nearest Tube Station: Wembley Park (see map)
·         Narendra Modi is the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the Prime Ministerial candidate of the Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) and an avowed admirer of Hitler and his policies.
·         In 2002, Modi presided over the genocidal attacks in which over 2,000 men, women and children from Gujarat’s Muslim minority community were systematically killed.
·         This is the man whom Labour MP for Brent North Barry Gardiner has invited to come and address the House of Commons on the subject of 'The Future of Modern India'.
What happened in Gujarat in 2002 has been amply documented and there is clear evidence (1)(2)(3) that the violence was orchestrated and sponsored by the state. The police had been instructed not to intervene while Hindu supremacist mobs linked to the BJP murdered and raped, selectively  targeting the addresses occupied by Muslim families . According to a leaked report by the British High Commission in India the violence 'had all the hallmarks of ethnic cleansing and that reconciliation between Hindus and Muslims is impossible while the chief minister [Narendra Modi] remains in power’ and that 'far from being spontaneous' it was 'planned, possibly months in advance, carried out by an extremist Hindu organisation with the support of the state government.'(4) 
Modi is currently making a bid to become India's next Prime Minister and has launched a campaign using openly fascistic and anti-minority rhetoric. At the same time he is claiming that he has been absolved of wrong doing in connection with the massacres of 2002 by the Supreme Court of India. This is untrue, see for example (6). 
While in the wake of the 2002 genocide and the clear evidence and documentation of  Modi’s role in coordinating and sponsoring it, the UK, EU and US were compelled to distance themselves from Modi, more recently the British government is  rehabilitating him. At a recent meeting with Modi in Ahmedabad,  the Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Hugo Swire made it clear that this was in 'the UK's national interests', meaning the interests of British big business (7) (8).
Now Barry Gardiner on behalf of the 'Labour Friends of India' has invited Modi to come and address the House of Commons on the subject of 'The Future of Modern India'. The Conservative Friends of India have supported this invitation. This is purely an attempt to help British corporates sell their products and services in Gujarat in the interests of larger profits.  It makes a mockery of human rights  and ignores the three British citizens who were murdered  during the genocide and whose families are yet to receive justice.
Modi's past visits to the UK have been used to raise extensive funds and support for communal violence. A visit at this time is particularly dangerous and must be stopped. 
We condemn this collusion in Modi’s attempts to deny his role as a mass murderer.
We demand that the invitation to Modi is withdrawn.
(1) See Human Rights Watch: ' “We Have No Orders To Save You”
State Participation and Complicity in Communal Violence in Gujarat’,  April 30, 2002
(2) Amnesty International: ‘India: Justice -- the victim in Gujarat’ [Full Report] 27 January 2005 http://www.coalitionagainstgenocide.org/reports/2005/ai.27jan2005.gujarat.pdf
(3)‘Threatened Existence: A Feminist Analysis of the Genocide in Gujarat’ Report by the International Initiative for Justice (IIJ) December 2003
(4)bbc.co.uk: UK report censures Gujarat rulers (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/1951471.stm
(5)Amnesty International: ‘A decade on from the Gujarat riots, an overwhelming majority of victims await justice in India’ 29 February 2012

(6) Sahmat – Citizens for Justice and Peace: ‘Press Release- Supreme Court clean chit to Narendra Modi ?’  http://www.kractivist.org/press-release-supreme-court-clean-chit-to-narendra-modi/ which explains in detail how the Supreme Court has NOT in fact absolved Modi of responsibility for the 2002 genocide as he has falsely claimed.

(7) See The Hindu ‘Embracing the Darkness’ October 23, 2012, http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/embracing-the-darkness/article4023194.ece

(8) bbc.co.uk: UK India envoy to visit Gujarat for first time since riots http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-19907453

Organised by South Asia Solidarity Group.
Supported by:
Council of Indian Muslims
Foil Vedanta
Islamic Human Rights Commission
Southall Black Sisters
IWA, Birmingham
South Asian Alliance
Asian Rationalist Society
Freedom Without Fear Platform



Anonymous said...

Best Wishes for your protest.
People in Britain need to know the truth about this genocidal politician.

Trevor said...

again I say That it is surely in Vain to appeal to Barry Gardiner
after all This is a man that believes it is OK to damage our own health with cigarettes and even says that MP'S consider it as our democratic Right To smoke
and what good and positive benefits come from smoking?
Are Throat and Lung cancer Beneficial?
Consider the added cost to the NHS as smoking continues to cause no end of Problems in our nation, and Yet Our Political Drivers and builders continue to consider it acceptable in what is meant to be a Christian nation.
if Mr Modi is guilty of genocide
Then How much more Guilty are Britons politicians of the deliberate Destruction of its own people and that just for the sake of profit!
The Positive influence of Christianity is meant to change people for the better.
In fact a Nation claiming to recognize God and Jesus Christ are meant to produce fruits or actions that match their words.
we as a nation stand guilty of religious hypocrisy and we fall into the category that the True Christian Apostle paul said would be widespread
in that we have a show of godly devotion but on closer examination we prove to be false to its power to change people for the better.
Who are we to condemn Mr Modi When we are meant to be Christian and yet fail to live up to Christian standards?
and again I remind you that we Live in a country that despite being so called Christian, approves of many a unchristian Practice and much of that is because profit is put before principle.
Yes the very ones running and ruining this country saying on the one hand it is wrong to sell heroin for profit whilst permitting many a shop keeper to sell cigarettes for profit
are the same ones that tell us it is wrong to kill but at the drop of a hat is ready to take up arms to kill syrians that have done nothing to you
and even if they did, as a Christian nation we are obliged to refrain from violent retaliation.
Yes when we claim to be devoted to god we are obliged to show that by our actions and the way we treat our fellow human beings.
we cannot be True Christians if we sell cigarettes for profit which causes no end of deaths from lung and throat cancer.
we cannot be True Christians if we take part in war and exalt people that take part in war calling them heroes etc.
a True Christian nation is one that puts on the Christ like new personality and no longer Does things that are in conflict with Christian Principles.
The nation we Live in is one that has been exploited and abused by the very ones that claim to serve us.
yes people, we have been exploited and they the politicians have misused their authority for the sake of profit.
and then they have the nerve to condemn other politicians of genocide while they are guilty of the same thing but by other means.
The mistake they make is to believe that they can successfully run a country by means of double standards hypocrisy and greed.
What has Time shown?
Why is it we are all here in late august 2013 and there is no peace anywhere?
Take a second look at what they the politicians are doing and you will understand why Britain is plagued with problems.