Friday 16 August 2013

Labour launch petition on fares and ticket office closures

The message below comes from a Labour Party source but I thought worth sharing with Wembley Matters readers. HOWEVER A WARNING There is a major reservation that I have concerning the petition. By signing it you leave yourself liable to be contacted by the  Labour Party or its elected rpresentatives and can only opt out by writing to a very small print postal address. I think it would be much more ethical to enable signatories to opt out electronically. There have been some concerns about people's names appearing on Labour Party websites locally, interpretable as endorsement, without their knowledge.

On Monday it was revealed that Boris Johnson plans to close every ticket office at TFL stations in London. It will mean no ticket offices at Wembley Park, Wembley Central, Northwick Park, Kilburn, Queens Park, Queensbury etc.

The effect will be dramatic. Firstly it will mean no human presence to help out when things go wrong – ticket machines out of order, Oyster Card lost or stolen etc. Secondly it will make stations less safe, particularly for older commuters and travellers. Thirdly it will make access to travel for disabled passengers in Brent even harder than it already is. Fourthly it raises serious questions over whether there will be enough staff at stations to cope in an emergency situation and lastly it will result in up to 6,000 job losses. Disastrous all round!

On top of this the Mayor looks set to raise fares above inflation yet again for 2014. Under Boris Johnson fares have become the highest in the world. A single bus journey is 56% more and a zone 1-6 travelcard is £440 a year more expensive. The Mayor is asking Londoners to pay more for less.

Sadiq Khan, Shadow London Minister has launched this petition – and given the statement below:
Boris Johnson has an abysmal record of hiking fares year on year that has contributed enormously to the cost-of-living crisis in London. London fares are now the most expensive in the world. Since Boris became Mayor the cost of a single bus journey has increased by 56% and the price of a zone 1-6 travel card has increased by £440 a year. He must recognise that Londoners are struggling and that their budgets can’t keep stretching forever and freeze fares at least at the rate of inflation for 2014.The Mayor can afford to do this; all that is missing is the political will.”
On top of this, the Mayor plans to give Londoners a worse service for their money. On Monday his secret plans to close every ticket office in London were revealed. His plans mean you will get no help if your oyster card doesn’t work, or is lost or stolen. There will be no help for tourists who need advice or disabled passengers who need assistance. It raises questions about whether there will be enough staff at stations to deal with emergencies and will result in 2,000 job losses. This is one of the worst examples of breaking a manifesto promise I have ever seen in London politics. No wonder the public are so cynical of politicians.

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