Wednesday 28 August 2013

Whitehall blocked by Syria anti-war protesters - make it massive on Saturday

The crowd in Whitehall
Among the speakers were Jenny Jones Green Am and Diane Abbot MP
A group of Green Party members at the protest
At the gate of Downing Street
Protesters eventually blocked Whitehall
Britain France and the US are poised to attack Syria. Even ex-generals are warning that such an attack can have incalculable consequences. It risks terrible casualties, will intensify the desperate civil war and threatens to draw other regional powers in to the conflict.

As Stop the War's statement on Syria points out 'It seems that the Western governments have already made up their minds about this attack before it has even been reported on by UN weapons inspectors.' This underlines the fact that the intervention, far from being humanitarian, is part of a wider project of regime change.

While our politicians appear to have learnt nothing from the disasters of Afghanistan, Iraq most people in Britain oppose any attack. Only 9% support British troops getting involved and only 25% back missile strike.
Protests are taking place across the country today and tomorrow - please check here for details and phone us if you want to organise something in your area.

Make Saturday massive

Saturday's national demonstration is crucial. We need to be a real expression of mass public opinion. Please do everything possible to attend and promote as widely as you can.

The demonstration is now assembling at Temple Tube at midday on Saturday and marching via parliament and Downing Street to Trafalgar Square for a rally. Transport has already been organised from various towns and cities, please contact the office for more information.

Demonstrate - No attack on Syria, this Saturday 31 August. 12 midday,  Temple tube, Victoria Embankment.

1 comment:

Trevor said...

appealing to the inhabitants of WhiteHall is Vanity itself.
Never forget That these are the very people That have stood by and literally watch people exploit the public for profit and even when thousands die each year
they continue to permit the exploitation for profit to continue.
so basically if they don't care about the people in their own nation
then why show anyone expect them to care about other nations that are being targeted and abused and even killed by their fellow citizens?
Christians are obliged to put on the new personality once they take on the responsibility of christianity.
That means putting down the sword gun and bomb and doing everything for the sake of peace and showing Love for our neighbors.
You cannot be a Christian nation while going out and fighting wars.
People need to wake up and recognize the utter corruption and hypocrisy that comes from the houses of parliament.
They won't Listen to you When you call out for peace.
Look how they put profit before principle in their own country which then leads to countless deaths each year from lung and throat cancer.
that speaks volumes about the way they operate and what is in their hearts.